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Legend of Digital Audio continues......

CD Player was launched in 1982 by Philips Netherlands. Then Philips started the collaboration work with a pure HiFi expert team of Digital Audio in Japan, thus the reference CD Player series for Audiophiles was created. In this project, the expert team made the World First Stand-alone CD Transport and DAC unit, CD-12 (Philips LHH 1000), also the World First Bitstream Conversion CD Player, CD-11 (Philips LHH500).


Today, Soul Note inherits the DNA of that Philips reference CD Player series because that pure HiFi expert team is the one who made those Legend CD Player series with Philips, called CSR, Inc. Japan. CSR, Inc. Japan has come back to continue Legend story of Digital Audio !! And is using the very same facility of original Philips manufacturer.


Soul Note by CSR, Inc., it's a living Legend you can experience today !!


  Legend Continues......



Philips LHH1000 (Marantz CD12)

World First Standalone CD Transport and DAC unit


Philips LHH500 (Marantz CD11)

World First Bitstream Conversion CD Player


Philips AV1000

(Marantz AV-95)

World First Standalone AV Conversion and Power Amplifier


Philips LHH800R

World First Non-NFB CD Player



LHH A700

Non-NFB Power Amplifier


Project D-1

Non-NFB DAC Unit


Soul Note


Non-NFB Output and Power Supplies CD Player


Soul Note


Non-NFB 300kHz Output Monitor Amplifier


Soul Note


Non-NFB 24bit/192kHz CD Player


Soul Note


Non-NFB MOS_FET PWM Digital Amplifier


Soul Note


Non-NFB Power Supplies//USB Audio Class 2.0 24bit/192kHz DAC Unit

      CSR Inc. was established in June 2004 as a result of M.B.O.from Marantz Japan,Inc. succeeding all asset
i.e. customers, employees, equipments, which have been developed for 40 years since Standard Radio
Corporation. We take care biz project from the planning and development to the production and sales of
electronic devices and electrical equipment.

      From the first day of establishment,our experienced engineers, with a passion for manufacturing, wanted to
'' create world and industry first products'',and as the company name CSR implies ''building a trusting relationship
with customers'' is paramount.
Management Philosophy 1.Strong commitment to Customer First (Quality,Cost and Delivery)
2.Continuous Profit making
3.Create World and industry 1st products
4.Build an attractive company for employee
Quality Policy       Strictly keep quality first, by having both mind and behavior
for compliance, deliver guaranteed product satisfaction, and build a
trusting relationship with stakeholders.
The origin of Company Name Corporate
Mission Statement Our challenge is to create a company that can be trusted by
Our customers, All our business partners,
Our Employees, Our Shareholders
History of Company
  • June 30th, 2004Established CSR, Inc. HQ in Sagamiono
  • Sep. 2004Launched Business Use Wireless Products for ODM under STANDARD brand
  • Sep. 2005Launched Music Training Equipment under SUPERSCOPE
  • Dec. 2005Removed HQ to Sobu dai, Zama-city
  • Mar. 2006Launched DJ Equipment under ODM
  • Dec. 2006Launched Hi-End Audio products under SOULNOTE brand
  • Feb. 2007Picture Data Transmission System under Wave CSR brand
  • Apr. 2007Increased Capital from 67.5 Mil to 85.3 Mil
  • Apr. 2007Launched Business Use Karaoke Equipment for ODM under J-Pro brand
  • Nov. 2007Launched Business Use Beauty Equipment for OEM
  • May 2008Launched Hi-End Audio Equipment ZEROPOSITION
  • Nov 2008Removed HQ to Sagamiono
  • Feb 2009Launched Business Use Karaoke Equipment under DISCOVERER brand
  • Aug. 2009Launched Business Use Karaoke Equipment for ODM under XING brand
  • Nov. 2009Increased Capital from 85.3 Mil to 93.3 Mil
  • Jul. 2010Spin-off the domestic Japan sales by new Sales company SOUL NOTE, Inc.
  • Sep. 2010Set up CSR International Ltd. in Hong Kong for Oversea sales of SOUL NOTE and DISCOVERER(Brand name change to SOUL NOTE PROFESSIONAL)
  • Jul. 2011Launch Business Use Wireless Products under Lecuo brand
  • Aug. 2011Launch Beauty & Medical Equipment for ODM

We embody customers' dream to products

We deliver dream to customers

Analogue Audio / Digital Audio Technology
Video / High Frequency Technology
High Frequency Technology
Proposal for ODM/OEM/EMS products Order -> Products Planning -> Development & Designing ->
Parts Procurement -> Production -> Delivery
Main customers : 1. Tele communication system : Japan McDonald Drive Thru,
JAL, ANA etc.

2. Karaoke equipment system : XING, JOY SOUND, Japan BMB
Trade Mark Products Acquisition
Wave CSR Wireless Communication 2005
Sound CSR Audio Equipment 2006
SOULNOTE Audio Equipment 2007
ZEROPOSITION Audio Equipment 2007
DISCOVERER Karaoke Equipment 2007
POKEKURO Wireless Equipment 2008
MICRONICRUBY Replica Radio 2009
LECUO Wireless Equipment 2010
Superscope Music Training Equipment Alliance
Headquarters: CSR, Inc.
Establishment: June 30th 2004
Address: 5-33-4, Sagamiono, Minami-ku, Sagamihara-shi,Kanagawa-Pref.
Phone: (81) 0427035600
Website: http://www.kcsr.co.jp
Overseas Sales: CSR International Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Establishment: Sep. 1st 2010
Address: 19FL., Seaview Commercial Bid., 21-24,Connaught Road West, Hong Kong SAR.
Direct Line: (852) 6050 4834
Website: http://www.soulnoteglobal.com
Copyright(C)2012 CSR International Ltd. All Rights Reserved.  
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